B12 Only (Methylcobalamin form) - Offers a “calm energy” due to its role in red blood cell production and nourishing the nervous system. Recommended for first-timers.

B12 Prices:

Single Shot - $25

5 Shot Package - $110 (Save $15)

10 Shot Package - $200 (Save $50) 


Energy Boost - Increases vigor and overall energy. Supports adrenal health and decreases allergy related symptoms. Ingredients: B12 + B5. Okay for beginners.

Fat Burner - Supports an active balanced metabolism, weight loss, weight maintenance, blood sugar regulation and lessens anxiety, while improving sleep.
Ingredients: B12 + MIC (Methionine, Inositol and Choline). Okay for beginners.

Prego - Promotes healthy fertility and pregnancy. Ingredients: B12 + High Dose Folic Acid. Okay for beginners.

Simply Hair, Skin & Nails - Nourishes hair, skin, and nails. Ingredients: B12 + Biotin. Okay for beginners.

Busy Bee Immunity - Builds and strengthens immunity while adding a pep in your step. Ingredients: B12 + B Complex. Not for beginners.

Healthy Nerves - High dose B12 to support all nerve pathways. Ingredients: High Dose B12 + B6. Not for beginners.

Moody Blues - Great for both women and men who are undergoing hormone imbalances. Can also be a definite aid in PMS and Migraines. Ingredients: B12 + B6. Not for beginners.

Anxious Insomniac - Perfect for anxiety and sleep disturbances. Ingredients: B12 + MIC + B6. Not for beginners.

Trio - Client Favorite: The Energy Boost and Fat burner all in one shot. Ingredients: B12 + MIC + B5. Not for beginners.

Kitchen Sink - The Fat Burner blended with the Busy Bee to help fight free radicals, boost your immune system, supports the cardiovascular system and assists with better sleep.
Ingredients: B12 + B Complex + B3 + MIC + Folic Acid. Not for beginners.

B Cocktail Prices:

Single Shot - $35

5 Shot Package* - $150 (Save $25)

10 Shot Package* - $275 (Save $75)

*Cocktail Packages can be mixed and matched and used at any of our Bay Area locations. 


Vitamin D - The Sunshine Vitamin is nutritional support for not only bone health but also is vital for immune support and elevating mood (especially with seasonal changes). Can be a great addition when lab values are low.

Glutathione - Master antioxidant with many anti-aging properties as well as the ability to detoxify. Not for beginners.

Other Injections Prices:

Single Shot - $40

5 Shot Package** - $170 (Save $30)

10 Shot Package** - $310 (Save $90)

**Other Injection Packages can be mixed and matched and used at any of our Bay Area locations. 


Mini Fountain of Youth (2 injections) - Master antioxidant mixed with essential anti-aging amino acids to assist with the aging process. The perfect beauty shot before a big event, but also has the bonus purpose of detoxification, cardiovascular support and aiding in immune function. Ingredients: B12 + B Complex + B3 + High Dose Folic Acid + MIC + Biotin + Glutathione. Not for beginners.


Single Shot - $55

5 Shot Package - $240 (Save $35)

10 Shot Package - $445 (Save $105)

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