Why Vitamin B12:

What is Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that is water-soluble and not produced in the body. Vitamin B12 must come from your diet; your body does not make it. For the body to utilize vitamin B12, it must be absorbed in the ileum of the small intestine with the of intrinsic factor, a substance secreted by the stomach.

Why get a Vitamin B12 injection?

Injections bypass the digestive tract and can cross the blood-brain barrier. As a result, injectable vitamin B12 has a direct route to the cells, it is readily metabolized, and you will feel the benefits faster! 

Is your Vitamin B12 vegan?

Yes. The Vitamin B12 that we use is sourced on a bacteria medium that is plant based.

What are the symptoms of a Vitamin B12 deficiency?

Fatigue, nerve pain (like from shingles, herpes), sleep disturbances, moodiness, cognitive decline, and tremors. Systems affected by B12 deficiency: neurological; hematologic; immunologic; vascular; gastrointestinal; musculoskeletal; genitourinary.

Who is most likely to have low Vitamin B12 levels?

Vegetarians, vegans, people 50 years old and older, people who drink alcohol, people with digestive issues, anyone regularly taking medications known to affect vitamin B12 absorption such as Prilosec and Tums or people who have recently had a medical procedure using nitrous oxide.

Are Vitamin B12 injections safe during pregnancy and/or while nursing? 

Absolutely. Vitamin B12 shots are completely safe. In fact, our founder and CEO first began administering B12 injections to her pregnant patients during her time practicing as a midwife. Please note, Vitamin B12, Methylfolate, and B6 are currently what we offer to pregnant and nursing women.

Benefits of Vitamin B12 injections:

  • Increased energy and metabolism

  • Enhanced neurological health

  • Minimized seasonal and environmental allergies

  • Decreased irritability (PMS, hormonal imbalances)

  • Improved athletic endurance

  • Enhanced vascular health

  • Helps stabilize symptoms associated with depression, anxiety and mood disorders

  • May benefit patients with a nervous system or endocrine disorders, such as MS, diabetes, seizures, restless leg syndrome, thyroid disorders, and adrenal fatigue

In which foods is Vitamin B12 found?

Large amounts are found in liver, beef, salmon, trout, tuna, sardines and clams. Smaller amounts are available in eggs, yogurt, cheese and cereal products fortified with vitamin B12.

How quickly do you notice results from Vitamin B12 injections?

Usually, results are felt within the first shot, unless you are significantly vitamin B12 deficient

Commonly asked questions prior to a first visit:

Do I need to make an appointment to get an injection?

No. We do not schedule appointments. Injections are offered on a first come, first serve basis.

What does it mean to "Walk-in"? 

A "walk-in" means that we do not take appointments.

What happens when I arrive at a location?

When arriving at a location, you will see a friendly face of a Got Vitamin B12 team member. He or she will check you in (If this is your first visit, you will be asked to complete a brief intake form and waiver). The team member will ask your name and note if you have purchased a shot package in the past. If you have unused shots left on your shot package, that's all you have to do! A doctor, registered nurse (RN), or naturopathic medical assistant (NMA) will call you into a back room and see to you ASAP (wait time is anywhere from 5-20 minutes depending on how many other clients are also waiting). If you have not purchased a package, or you have redeemed all of the shots on your package, you will have the option to purchase a new package or a single shot to be used during the visit. Then, the doctor, RN or NMA will be right with you and you'll be on your way. 

What does it mean to be a "B12 Beginner"?

A "B12 Beginner" is someone who has never received a B12 injection before. If you are a B12 Beginner, our doctors recommend a maximum of two vitamins per injection (including Vitamin B12). They make this recommendation to better understand your response to specific the vitamins. By starting you off with two vitamins, the doctors are able to tailor future shots to your body and health goals.  

How long does it take to get an injection?

Clients are usually in and out within 5-20 minutes. However, this can vary by day and location.

New to Got Vitamin B12? Not sure what injection to get?

No worries. Visit any of our locations and our experienced medical staff can help guide you in the right direction.

Who administers the injections?

Licensed naturopathic doctors, trained naturopathic medical assistants, and registered nurses administer the injections.

What is a naturopathic doctor?

Naturopathic doctors are primary care doctors trained at board-accredited 4-year graduate schools. Training includes clinical physical diagnosis, pathology, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, botanical medicine, homeopathy, clinical nutrition, physical medicine, pharmacology and more.

I want to speak more in-depth with your medical team. When is a good time to do that?

The medical professional onsite wants to speak more in-depth with you, too! Unfortunately, Happy Hours only allow for 5 minute consultations. If you would like to speak with a naturopathic doctor about specific health issues, goals, and ailments, let him or her know. Most Got Vitamin B12 doctors run successful and well-established patient care practices, and the majority offer free 15-minute consultations to potential new patients at their private practice.

How does your team know which shot is best for me?

Our naturopathic doctors will do a brief intake on your first visit. During the intake, he or she will listen to your specific health concerns, allergies and health goals and will recommend a shot for that visit. These recommendations may vary from week to week.

Commonly asked questions during an initial visit:

How long will B12 from the injection remain in my body?

The length of time that B12 from the injection remains in one's body varies from person to person. It depends if the person has a B12 deficiency to begin with and the person's lifestyle.

For how many weeks do I need to receive B12 injections?

We recommend getting an injection once a week for five weeks to start. At the end of this cycle, review with your healthcare professional the improvements in your health, your overall health goals and determine an appropriate schedule for future injections. Everyone has unique health needs and objectives. 

What forms of Vitamin B12 do you use at Got Vitamin B12?

We use Methylcobalamin and Hydroxocobalamin which are the superior, most bioactive forms of injectable Vitamin B12.

Where do you source the ingredients for your injections?

We get our injectable vitamin solutions from various compounding pharmacies in California.

Will a Vitamin B12 injection interfere with my medications?

No. There are no known contraindications with any medications.

Are there side effects from vitamin/nutrient injections?

A small bruise and/or soreness at the injection site are completely normal. The bruise should fade as a normal bruise would. The soreness will also go away in 1-3 days. There are also no known toxic effects when administered at appropriate levels. Allergic reactions can happen with any intramuscular injection. The medical professionals on-site are trained and prepared to treat any reaction.

Can I get labs to measure my Vitamin B12 levels?

Yes, but you would need to do this through you primary care medical provider. We recommend measuring Vitamin B12, homocysteine, and MMA to determine the most accurate level of Vitamin B12 in your body. Homocysteine is an amino acid and breakdown product of protein metabolism. When present in high concentrations, as determined by a blood test, it has been linked to an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. Methylmalonic Acid (MMA) is a compound that reacts with Vitamin B12 to create energy. It’s the most accurate test known to measure Vitamin B12 levels.  

If I take daily Vitamin B12 supplements are Vitamin B12 injections still beneficial or necessary?

Absolutely. Injections bypass the digestive tract and can cross the blood-brain barrier. As a result, injectable Vitamin B12 has a more direct route to the cells, is readily metabolized, and you feel the benefits faster!

How much Vitamin B12 do I need?

Everyone’s optimal level of Vitamin B12, obtained through a blood test, is unique. On average, the value of > 600 pg/ml is sufficient, but Got Vitamin B12 Naturopathic doctors prefer  > 900 pg/ml for optimal wellness.

I have kids. Can they get B12 injections too?

While Vitamin B12 is totally safe and necessary for kids, Got Vitamin B12 does not treat people under 13 years of age. Injections are always administered at the discretion of the medical professional on-site. All patients under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian. We believe young children receiving injections of any kind should consult with their naturopathic doctor during a patient care appointment.

Why don't you have a certain vitamin/nutrient available?

Got Vitamin B12 is constantly researching the vitamin/nutrient market to source the best injectable vitamins for our clients. As a result, occasionally, we will not have access to all of the vitamins/nutrients on our menu. We do our very best to supply all vitamins/nutrients on our menu at every Happy Hour location, but providing only the finest quality products is always our main priority. We greatly appreciate your understanding.

Commonly asked questions post a first visit:

I just received my B12 injection first injection and I feel great. When can I visit again? 

Because B12 is water soluble, it is safe to get as often as you feel is necessary. We find that the more stress people are under, the more often they need to visit for an injection.

I have a bruise at the injection site, is this normal?

Yes. A small bruise and/or soreness at the injection site are completely normal. The bruise should fade as a normal bruise would. The soreness will also go away in 1-3 days. Let doctor, RN, or NMA know about it next time you visit.

The doctor mentioned a “detox effect” from Glutathione. What exactly does that mean?

The “detox effect” can include fluish symptoms for a 24-48 hours. This side effect subsides with additional injections, as your body becomes more efficient in eliminating toxins and free radicals. If you’d like, please feel free to call us at (415) 830-6679 and we can make some suggestions to reduce these symptoms.

I “taste” my B Cocktail injection. Why?

Clients may notice tasting B Cocktail injections with B complex (usually pleasant) within 15 minutes after their injections. This is normal and shows your body is utilizing the injection.

I purchased a package, does it have expiration date? 

No. In fact, all of our services are valid until they are redeemed.

Do I need to visit the same location in order to redeem my package? 

No. You can use redeem your package at any of our Bay Area locations.

I purchased a package at Got Vitamin B12, how do I check my account to see how many shots I have remaining?

This can be done easily by creating an online profile on our system. To do so, please use this link and click "Need new password?" and enter the email address that you used when first registered at one of our locations. Once registered, you can:

  • View balance (remaining shots) on your account

  • Access our online store where you can purchase individual shots, packages, or gift cards for an upcoming Happy Hour

  • Update your account information

Payment and return related questions:

Does Got Vitamin B12 accept insurance?

Got Vitamin B12 is not affiliated with any insurance companies . Payment at the time of the service is required.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Got Vitamin B12 accepts cash, check, and all major credit cards.

What is your return policy?

Unused packages, membership, series, and opened products may not be returned or refunded for any reason. Please note, packages and series never expire and they can be used at any of our Bay Area locations.

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