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We've Grown to 20+ Happy Hour Locations! Discover Quality Self-care in a Neighborhood Near You!

Posted by Armando Gallegos on Wednesday, April 4, 2018 Under: All locations

Too much rushing around, trying to get it all done? A quick, easy visit to a Got Vitamin B12 Happy Hour is the perfect way to take care of your health, and then some! In the Bay Area, we tend to know how important healthy eating, exercising, drinking water (from a reusable water bottle of course!) is for maintaining good health. But easier said than done, right? Especially when your sleep or energy levels are off. And good health is good, but what about great or even optimal health?

This is where Got Vitamin B12 comes to the rescue. At Got Vitamin B12, we offer a unique menu of vitamin injections that will address your specific needs — from the straight-up 2 milligrams of quality premium B12 — to the 8 B Cocktail Injections, like Fat Burner, Simply Glamour, Hormones & Hangovers — to the 11 Premium Injections like Inflammation Buster, Wired & Tired, Glutathione Cocktail — to the Top Shelf Injections like Mini Fountain of Youth, Ultimate Muscle Relaxer.

These injections are safe, highly absorbable and effective. For clients who are crunched for time but want to support their health, vitamin injections deliver big results with a quick and easy Got Vitamin B12 Happy Hour visit.

All Got Vitamin B12 injections are available as a single shot purchase or as a money-saving 5 or 10 shot package which can be mixed and matched and used at any of our 20+ locations throughout the greater Bay Area.

The Got Vitamin B12 injections can be tailor-made for each client. We don’t do pre-made shots but can customize each shot/injection to fit the client. You are unique so why shouldn’t your B12 needs also be unique to you? The Got Vitamin B12 team with naturopathic doctors and assistants are always happy to answer your questions and requests.

You will find that every Got Vitamin B12 Happy Hour offers a safe environment for vitamin injections, and our naturopathic medical team always takes extra precautions in delivering the safest, most effective injections so that you can experience all the benefits of our Happy Hour menu.

Dr. Shannon created the first pop-up Got Vitamin B12 Happy Hour when her patients started telling their friends how much better they felt after a B12 shot, and more and more people wanted to experience injectable B12. Knowing first-hand as a naturopathic doctor the many benefits of vitamin injections, Dr. Shannon envisions greater, more affordable access to B12 shots and vitamin injections through multiple, convenient, pop-up Got Vitamin B12 locations, and more!

So, are you taking time for self-care? Think you don’t have the time or the extra money? Think again. All our Happy Hour events are drop-in, no appointment necessary. Just show up & you will find the wait and the injection are quick and efficient.

Don’t forget you can use your FSA (Flexible Spending Account) for Got Vitamin B12 services!

At Special Event Happy Hours, all injections are $5 off each shot. Find all Special Event locations and time information on our frequently updated website.

We also post Happy Hour info on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. With 20 locations, you will find a convenient, healthiest Happy Hour in a neighborhood near you. Not only can you happy hour with us in San Francisco, Mill Valley, San Rafael, Oakland, Livermore, and Berkeley, at these multiple locations, but we have now expanded throughout the greater Bay Area and are in Antioch to Palo Alto, as well as North Berkeley, Pleasanton, and coming May 2nd in Los Altos.

Health self-care should be a top priority for all of us! Here is a TED Talks playlist on the importance of self-care just in case you need more convincing (or need to convince someone else) or want to explore this more.

First time? A B12 beginner? Welcome! Also, check out this blog written with you in mind.  

Cheers to self-care & feeling your best!

The Got Vitamin B12 Team

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