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Spring Fever, Spring Allergies, Spring Cleaning? Got Vitamin B12 Fuels Your Happy Spring!

Posted by Armando Gallegos on Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Photo credit: Kate Ter Haar

Hop on over to a Got Vitamin B12 Happy Hour near you! We are excited to announce we currently offer twelve locations in San Francisco, Marin, and the East Bay. In San Francisco, you can now visit the Inner Sunset or the Inner Richmond for pop-up Got Vitamin B12 Happy Hours. In Marin, check out a new Happy Hour in San Rafael, and in the East Bay, in San Ramon.

Come on by at any of our locations, say hi and get a vitamin injection boost that will fuel a happy and healthy spring. Just in time for feelings of spring fever (playing hooky from work?), get a Vitamin B12 boost for renewed energy and focus, or to fend off pesky spring allergies.

Are you looking to begin a general spring cleaning for your health? Make sure you are not low in essential vitamins, especially B12 before you start any type of fasting or juicing cleanse. Also, nourish your body while you are cleansing!

A B12 injection is a quick, easy and affordable way to keep your B12 levels healthy! Low energy, constant fatigue, difficulty sleeping, numbness and tingling in hands or feet could all be signs that you are low in Vitamin B12.

Do you have gluten sensitivity or are gluten intolerant? Have you had your Vitamin B12 levels checked? Gluten sensitivity/intolerance tends to also correlate with low intrinsic factor which affects the ability of the body to absorb and utilize Vitamin B12 from food sources. This is why even people who eat nutrient rich diets can still test low in Vitamin B12 because their bodies are not able to absorb the B12 naturally occurring in their diet.

Vitamin B12 injections solve this problem because the B12 bypasses the digestive system and is absorbed immediately into the bloodstream by the brain, and muscle tissue. Got Vitamin B12 uses only the most absorbable, highest quality methylcobalamin available from a local compounding pharmacy.

All injections are administered by a Naturopathic Doctor or a Naturopathic Assistant. The needle we use is tiny. We also have a unique distraction method. If this is your first time at one of our Happy Hours, don’t hesitate to let us know. We are prepared to make your first time (and all other visits!) as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

There’s a reason we call it a Happy Hour. Come see for yourself! Get ready for a springtime full of better health and wellness!

All the best,

Got Vitamin B12 Team

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