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Posted by Armando Gallegos on Wednesday, October 19, 2016 Under: Quiz

In every season, Bay Area folks tend to be very active people who take their free time seriously. Between hiking or trail running in the Presidio or Mt. Tam or Bay Area Ridge Trail, swimming, bouldering indoors or outdoors, yoga retreats, disc golf in Golden Gate Park, hula hooping, or swing dancing in Golden Gate Park, there is always a chance to be inspired by what folks do for fun and fitness   to unwind from the hectic day-to-day of busy lives.

Around here, no matter what your age, you want to be active, fit, and at the top of your game. Attention to your health can’t be something you do once a year when you visit a doctor for a physical. Attention to your health has to be a daily check-in. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you eating healthy, nutrient-dense food (more green, less processed)? Do you need to supplement your diet with vitamins, herbs or probiotics? Are you exercising daily in a way that matches and improves your current fitness level? Are you taking time to take care of yourself in the crazy, demanding Bay Area life we all live, with more traffic and longer Bay Area commutes?

Your day is demanding; Make sure you are “refueling” yourself! Go to a Got Vitamin B12 Happy Hour at a pop-up location that is convenient. Got Vitamin B12 Happy Hour makes people happy for a reason. Got Vitamin B12 uses Methylcobalamin the superior, most bioactive form of injectable Vitamin B12 that can cross the blood-brain barrier. Methylcobalamin is the best form of injectable Vitamin B12 for energy and as a brain nutrient.

Come see what Got Vitamin B12 can do for you!

All the best,

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