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Is It Baby Time at Your House?

Posted by Armando Gallegos on Thursday, April 28, 2016 Under: All locations

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Vitamin B12 Helps with Male/Female Infertility & Postpartum Blues

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that you don’t want to forget about, especially if you are trying to get pregnant or have recently given birth (Congrats!).

Couples having difficulty conceiving often try almost everything to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. While spending time, money and emotional energy on In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), artificial insemination, and fertility drugs, couples should also have their doctors screen for Vitamin B12 levels, which is usually not included in the routine procedures for female patients, especially when investigating infertility. Also, hopefully in the future there will be more research into the possible link between low Vitamin B12 levels and recurrent miscarriage. As we know here at Got Vitamin B12, Vitamin B12 deficiency is a common and easily treated condition. Both a serum B12 test and a urinary MMA test would reveal Vitamin B12 levels for men and women. This would give important information about low or borderline B12 levels. Diet, supplementation and injectable Vitamin B12 could easily be added, which would only help with fertility levels.

Medical researchers first reported in the 1980s a link between men having low Vitamin B12 levels & male infertility, yet this can be overlooked when a couple is having difficulty conceiving. In about 40% of infertility cases, a couple’s inability to conceive is due to male infertility. Having your doctor test both your serum B12 levels and a urinary MMA test before beginning an expensive fertility procedure may reveal an easier fix than you thought you would have to do! Double check with your doctor to make sure you were screened for both essential tests. While your partner is taking her Prenatal or Multivitamin in preparation for becoming pregnant, you should be taking a Multivitamin too. Both of you should come to a Got Vitamin B12 Happy Hour and then enjoy a quiet dinner out, knowing that you are doing good things for your health and your family!

If you have just had a baby (or twins! Double congrats!), a quiet dinner out is a fantasy or the last thing on your mind. You are in the land of all things baby. Is the baby sleeping well, eating well, burping well, soiling diapers enough? You find yourself maybe not paying enough attention to yourself. Of course you are elated, proud, and in love with your new baby, but you may also be overwhelmed physically and mentally. New mothers need to keep their energy and nutrition up, along with dealing with lack of sleep and recovering from childbirth. If this isn’t your first child, your other children are also demanding your time and attention. Make sure you keep taking your Prenatal or Multivitamin, eat well, and frequently. Stay hydrated. Truly nap when your baby naps, if that is possible! Also, taking a Vitamin B Complex with Vitamin B12 is key and/or a sublingual B12 supplement. When you can get out and about, visit our very Mama-friendly Happy Hours for a Postpartum Vitamin B12 shot. Vitamin B12 increases energy, supports nerve pathways, helps with depression and improves concentration and focus, while decreasing chronic inflammation and pain. We could all use a Happy Hour Got Vitamin B12 boost!

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