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Got Vitamin B12? Keep Summer Fun!

Posted by Armando Gallegos on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 Under: All locations

Bay Area summertime challenges us meteorologically and geographically, as other folks “go away for the summer,” those of us here might find ourselves feeling like bored kids on summer break. We know San Francisco has those micro environments, usually spoken of in terms of neighborhoods  — hence sunshine in the Mission, and overcast in the Outer Richmond — that depending on our mood for a noon picnic, should be factored in when “summering” in the Bay Area. There can be June, July, and even August gloom. That’s why everyone is wearing a hoodie; you never know when you might need it.

The Bay Area summer is filled with many unique, free street fairs, like the 32nd Annual Fillmore Jazz Festival July 2nd and July 3rd.

July 4th brings fireworks that we hopefully can watch — if the fog stays away. Folks bring thermoses of hot beverages, when gearing up to celebrate July 4th San Francisco style, just in case it doesn't.

Why not sign up for prizes and a free raffle for our summertime reading Summer Stride 2016 ? The San Francisco Public Library kindly offers Summer Stride 2016 for all ages, acknowledging the bored summer kid in all of us. Go to your local Bay Area library and find a good summer read or two or three. If you do check out your beach read, make sure it doesn’t get lost or too sandy.  

If your summer vacation is a staycation, perfect beach days do happen at Ocean Beach, Baker Beach, China Beach, Crissy Field Beach and Aquatic Park Beach in San Francisco. The Bay Area has many beaches, parks, and trails to explore! In your excitement to get outside, don’t forget to apply your sunblock multiple times, wear a hat and bring a water bottle.

There are free outdoor movies, free summer concerts, and outdoor public pools (with reasonable fees) in the Bay Area. “Summering” in the Bay Area is truly possible.

This summer you could learn a new sport, like you did as a kid at summer camp. Tennis, archery, golf, lawn bowling, croquet, and disc golf are all sports that can be played in San Francisco’s beautiful Golden Gate Park. You probably aren’t the only one who is looking for some summer fun. Form a team at work!

Also, look at our six Bay Area Got Vitamin B12 Happy Hour locations. Each one is unique and the perfect place to visit for your next Got Vitamin B12 Happy Hour! Bring your co-workers!

Happy Summer!

All the best,

The Got Vitamin B12 Team

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