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Posted by Armando Gallegos on Tuesday, November 15, 2016 Under: All locations

Many of us have yoga or meditation or exercise scheduled in our calendars as a positive reminder and daily to-do that many of us don’t accomplish as much as we would like to, in our hectic, demanding week. How do you fit it all in and continue to take good care of yourself?

When you do exercise, enjoy the moment as you are moving your body, whether it be a weekend walk with friends around Lake Merritt, attempting to jump rope for 10 minutes, or commuting to work safely by bike.

If an app on your phone helps you meditate so be it! Runners (and cyclists!) often use Strava or Map My Run to motivate themselves to get outside and do their mileage. 2016 saw the introduction of many Fitness Apps designed to help you log your gym workout and track your progress. If you like it old-school, you can turn any notebook into your workout log or check out 5k specialist, former track and field champion Lauren Fleshman’s selection of workout logs with expert tips and inspiration.

If you are feeling sluggish, moody, or not sleeping well, head on over to a Got Vitamin B12 Happy Hour near you. We are also offering an additional “secret menu” seasonal Homeopathic Flu Shot for $35, in time for the cold and flu season.  

At Got Vitamin B12, an experienced Naturopathic Doctor or Naturopathic Assistant will answer any health questions you have and administer your shot of choice from the Got Vitamin B12 Happy Hour menu. The Got Vitamin B12 shot is with a tiny needle and easy as 1,2,3! Come experience the Happy Hour at Got Vitamin B12.  

See you soon!

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