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Donate to Walk MS 2017 and Receive Free B12 Boost!

Posted by Armando Gallegos on Saturday, March 4, 2017

Do you know someone who has Multiple Sclerosis, also known as MS? As of yet, there is no known cure for MS, but there are treatments that can hopefully lessen the severity of this disease that can cripple the central nervous system. Support research and services for people with MS by donating to Walk MS 2017.

Over time, MS affects the spinal cord and brain, with early symptoms like blurred vision, weakness and numbness in feet and hands, which are also similar to Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms. If you are having these symptoms, it is wise to have blood and serum testing of your Vitamin B12 levels, to rule out a Vitamin B12 deficiency.

Vitamin B12 is essential for the health of our nerves and the protective coating of the nerves, known as the myelin sheath. Make sure your levels of Vitamin B12 are healthy. Treatments for MS depend on each person’s particular health situation as MS progresses differently for each person.

Some of the additional treatments people follow are monthly B12 shots for energy and nerve health. Vitamin D is being researched for its role in myelin repair and neuroprotection by the National MS Society. There needs to be more research into health treatments that can speed up recovery from nerve attacks, manage symptoms like fatigue and pain, and modify the course of the disease, such as not progressing in severity, or even going into remission.

Please join us in raising money for the Walk MS 2017 by making a donation to a team we have decided to support, called Magnificently Sexy, led by team captain Michelle. Please make a donation here. If you can make a donation, please bring in your donation receipt, and you will receive a free B12 shot as our way of saying “Thank you!”

Here’s to a beautiful spring, full of hope and renewed health for all!

All the best,

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