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Did You Survive Bay to Breakers?

Posted by Armando Gallegos on Monday, May 16, 2016 Under: All locations

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Where are all the 12K bumper stickers? You survived Bay to Breakers! 7.45645 miles with plenty of wackiness, good times, questionable costumes and drinking decisions, and the Hayes Street Hill that you will never forget. Did you see The Salmon “swimming up stream”? Gotta love those guys. Doesn’t matter if you walk, run, avoid, or watch Bay to Breakers. It is a San Francisco tradition dating from 1912 that has far more fans and respect (there are elite runners and seeded runners, and lightning fast centipede runners) than you expect. Even though rules change (No floats! No alcohol! No nudity!) the spirit of the incredibly scenic and challenging course wins participants over, especially as you are crossing the finish to a juggling cowboy in a speedo who gives you a high five. The call of Bay to Breakers’ wackiness entices even the most mild mannered to scream and shout and let it all out for 7.45645 miles and then some.

Vitamin B12 shots are great for alleviating hangovers. Not that you have one from Bay to Breakers still. Ahem. Vitamin B12 shots also increase energy which you used up on the course sprinting after the gorilla with a party hat.  B12 helps decrease inflammation and pain which of course you don’t have. Limp. Limp. Ouch.

Support those nerve pathways, improve concentration and focus (Hello work!) and keep the musculoskeletal system happy. That is how we roll at Got Vitamin B12. Our Happy Hours are here to keep you happy, and healthy. No matter what you do or don’t do on your weekends. May is a busy month. Psst. What are you doing for San Francisco’s high-energy and joyous Carnaval? If you are in the parade, that is like dancing a marathon! If you are planning to go watch, the dancing is contagious, and you had better start practicing your moves right now.

If you are a graduate, Congrats! A parent of a graduate, Congrats! A Got Vitamin B12 Happy Hour 5 shot package makes a great gift for a grad!

Happy May!

All the best,

The Got Vitamin B12 Team

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