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Posted by Armando Gallegos on Wednesday, June 8, 2016 Under: All locations

Good health and fitness doesn’t just happen overnight, but choices we make everyday can keep us calm, energized and moving our bodies! Making the choice to eat healthy meals, taking a break from consuming alcohol and caffeine, protecting our sleep time with a reasonable bedtime, etc. and Voila! all those moving parts will help you feel a bit better each day!

It's never too late to start building the momentum of healthy living habits. Don’t beat yourself up if your body’s good health is still a work in progress. At least you are working on and paying attention to what many would agree is your greatest wealth: your health!  

As you strive for good health and wellness, and then, strive to maintain it, give yourself room to make mistakes — and learn from them! There will be hurdles, problems, setbacks; This is life, but life is also good. Our lives are more complicated and busier than ever as we can, and do, fit more and more into our days and nights! This is why a sensible dinner hour, time to digest and relax (or go for a stroll), and a practical bedtime with good, solid sleep may seem old-fashioned or an out-of-reach ideal that can’t be done in reality.

This is when you look closely at your day to day. What can you tweak? What life hack would help you take better care of yourself? Have a kombucha drink instead of caffeinated soda. Eat a banana with breakfast, an apple with lunch, veggies with dinner. Drink pints of water like pints of good beer. Take a power nap. Go to bed early one night this week. Go to a Got Vitamin B12 Happy Hour. If it is your first time, see here for a Q & A with Dr. Shannon about Got Vitamin B12.   

Come visit us at a Got Vitamin B12 Happy Hour location today! Summery spring weather is here and there are hiking trails calling your name! Tour de France might inspire you to get on your bike and go for a scenic ride. The summer vacation is beckoning. Swimwear attire whispers your name. Relax. Keep calm and get your B12.

All the best,

The Got Vitamin B12 Team  

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