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B12 + You = Reach Your Athletic Goals

Posted by Armando Gallegos on Wednesday, December 6, 2017 Under: B12 for recovery

Endurance athletes train hard and burn through essential nutrients while they strive to improve their speed, strength and that most crucial R word -- recovery.

Most endurance athletes are in it for the long haul. With all the time invested in training miles (Be it running, biking, swimming, climbing, skiing, hiking, to name some favorite endurance sports), we at Got Vitamin B12 know that you want to get out there, train (and if you do your sport competitively, race!) hard and recover; Get better and stronger, and go out there and do it again!

This isn’t a one shot deal for you as an endurance athlete but more of a life choice. You make sure your body is rested because you are determined to summit whatever challenge you have laid out for yourself. Ultimately, the person you are most competitive with is yourself. You want to do better for you.

With the support of health and wellness professionals (Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Acupuncturists, Sports Massage Therapists…) you can continue to see huge improvement and correct injuries before they can become full-blown. Seeing a Naturopathic doctor who can address your overall well-being and health, from your hormones to your muscular, cardiovascular and nerve health is invaluable. When you are in the zone as an athlete, you know it is not just your legs that are working well but your whole body and mind honed in on meeting and excelling at your given challenge.

The essential Vitamin B12 is key to creating red blood cells for energy and increasing oxygen capacity of the lungs as you reach for the finish line of your next endurance challenge. Got Vitamin B12 offers welcoming and professional injectable nutrient therapy with no appointment necessary. Come see us at the healthiest Happy Hour in your neighborhood!  Find the best location for you at one of the many Got Vitamin B12 locations throughout the Bay Area.

First time getting a B12 shot? Read here for more info. Wondering if you are low in B12? Check out these two blog posts for answers to your questions.

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Got Vitamin B12 is here to support you as an endurance athlete in all of your endeavors. Take the time to make sure you are fueled with B12 and ready for your next challenge. See you soon!

All the best,

Got Vitamin B12 Team

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