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B12 is Good for Your Baby Bump & You! Got Vitamin B12 Happy Hours are Perfect, Prenatal & Postpartum

Posted by Armando Gallegos on Monday, March 20, 2017

High levels of Vitamin B12 are essential for us all. Pregnant women and women who have recently given birth need to make sure their Vitamin B12 levels are at a healthy level. Got Vitamin B12 shots are safe for pregnant women, and a highly effective way to make sure you are reaching the necessary B12 levels that are best for you and the growing baby in your belly!

As moms-to-be and mommies know, feeling fatigue can be part of the 24- hour job. Discover why Got Vitamin B12 is one of the best ways to boost your energy and mood — safely and without caffeine! So you can attend to your baby’s needs and make it to the yoga class on time!  

When you are pregnant, keeping your Vitamin B12 levels up is critical not only for your well-being but the healthy development of your baby. Once the baby is born, and mothers are breastfeeding, B12 is supplied to the newborn through the mother’s milk (which is why a mother’s nutrition is paramount).

As you navigate your prenatal and postpartum health, make sure you keep taking your Prenatal or Multivitamin, eat nutrient dense meals, stay hydrated, and nap when your baby naps (if that is possible!). Also, taking a Vitamin B Complex with Vitamin B12 is key, or a sublingual B12 supplement, or injectable B12 from Got Vitamin B12.

Discussing your B12 levels with your doctor is a great idea! A recent multi-center study found low levels of B12 while pregnant point to a possible increase in the risk for preterm birth. You want to make sure that you always maintain the necessary nutritional levels for both you and your baby. If you maintain a vegan or vegetarian diet, your doctor will most likely tell you not only to eat foods fortified with B12 but also supplement your diet with additional Vitamin B12 as an oral supplement or injection.

Got Vitamin B12 uses an injectable B12 called Methylcobalamin which is superior for absorbability, passes the blood-brain barrier and can be instantly utilized by the body. This is why we call it the Got Vitamin B12 Happy Hour. People tell us they leave our pop-up Happy Hour feeling energized and happy!   

When you feel ready to get out and about postpartum, please come visit our very Mama-friendly Happy Hours for a Postpartum Vitamin B12 shot. You don’t need an appointment. Just find a location and time that works for you!

When you are pregnant or if you have a newborn, Vitamin B12 will increase your energy, support nerve pathways, help with depression and improve concentration and focus while decreasing chronic inflammation and pain. We could all use a Happy Hour Got Vitamin B12 boost!

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