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Stay Healthy & Happy While Braving a Long Haul Flight

February 8, 2018

From California, the long haul flight is not uncommon. Whether you're headed to Athens for vacation or Sydney for work, those 10-17 hour flights are no joke, and since the West Coast is a bit isolated, they're also necessary. These crazy travel days can really tax your system, so we put together a recommended Long Haul Travel Plan to keep you feeling great for your vacation, work trip, or adventures abroad.

Long Haul Travel - 3 Part Plan for Health & Happiness:

1.) Boost your Immune System

2.) Rest on the Plane

3.) Energy Upon Arrival

Boost Your Immune System

We all know that planes are basically little germ boxes hurling through space. Most people aren't going to cancel their big trip because they have the sniffles (or a brutal cold... nothing will keep me from Paris! Sorry, people.) So, protecting and preparing yourself is the best approach.

Start a few weeks prior to your trip with Designs for Health's ImmunoBerry Liquid. Trust us, this stuff is gold. It's great when you feel a little tickle coming on or to prep your system for recycled air and sneezing seatmates. ImmunoBerry has ingredients such as shiitake mushrooms, wild cherry bark, and elderberry; all known for maintaining a healthy immune system.

Naturopathic doctor and regular traveler, Dr. Michaela Falkner, uses it herself. "ImmunoBerry safely uses a combination of mushrooms and antiviral herbs like echinacea and elderberry. It also helps suppress that nagging cough. ImmunoBerry is a tasty way to keep those germs away, especially while traveling." ImmunoBerry also great because you can throw it in your checked luggage for continued use while abroad.

For a real shot to the immune system, Got Vitamin B12's Engystol injection is essential. We recommend an Engystol injection the week before travel and then again the day before. As an antiviral and antibacterial, Engystol's magic properties don't just ward off a cold or flu, but if you're already feeling poorly, Engystol offers a great boost to the immune system, allowing your body to naturally fight back against the bug.

Rest on the Plane

While we all want to feel superhuman with unlimited energy, there's nothing worse than being wide awake for 15 hours in a dark plane or anxiously walking the aisles. Being able to relax on the flight is the best part of uninterrupted peace and quiet. It is also crucial for beating the dreaded jet lag.

For optimal rest and relaxation, the day before your flight, try out Got Vitamin B12's magnesium injections. There are a wide variety of nutrients that can be included in the injection, but the magnesium is fantastic for encouraging a restful night's sleep or gentle relaxation on a long haul flight. Not to worry, magnesium won't knock you out while stuck in the security line, but you will be thanking us at hour 5 of the flight once you've eaten your packaged pasta dinner, watched a few movies, and are ready to sleep.

Energy Upon Arrival

You've landed! What's left? We have to get you through customs, grab your luggage, and into the rest of your trip with pep and stamina. While B12 by itself is always helpful, Got Vitamin B12's Trio injection is a perfect combination. B12 + MIC + B5 is a subtle, lasting energy that will keep you moving without making you feel like you need to do jumping jacks in the exit row.

MIC is an amino acid + B vitamin combo that converts food into energy, so not only are getting optimal cell function, but you're receiving the energy and benefits of a boosted metabolism.

B5 is essential for the adrenals, nervous system and energy maintenance. The first sign of low B5 is fatigue. This B vitamin works seamlessly with MIC and B12 to create a first-class, gentle energy boost for long haul travel.

Optimize your Health for the Best Trip Yet

While optimizing your health may take a little forethought, nothing can ruin a trip faster than catching a bug. Save yourself from disappointment and make sure your adventure is memorable. It takes a lot of time and energy to get to your destination, you might as well make it exceptional!

Doctor's note: It's always best to try out the injections a few weeks in advance so you know how your body specifically processes each nutrient. Check with your doctor before trying out ImmunoBerry, as well. Nothing in this article should be construed as medical advice.


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