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Make Summer Even More Fun with Five Easy Self-Care Tips!

June 7, 2018

Ready to kick off summer? Let’s make this summer the best! With these five easy to do self-care tips, you will #love #summer because glowing skin, good energy, and a happy mood, never go out of style. Rock your summer whether you are partying in Spain, trail running around Lake Tahoe, training for a summer triathlon, or relaxing poolside, or all of the above.

Tip #1: Mark your calendar for your B12 boost when you are in town.

If you are in and out of town this summer, plan when to get your B12 boost to stay balanced, energized and nourished. Our B12 Happy Hour menu has what you need when you need it. From Simply Glamour (B12 + Biotin) to Anxious Insomniac (B12 + MIC +B6 + Taurine), Got Vitamin B12 has you covered. Get the nitty-gritty on the vitamins we use in our injections here.

Tip #2: H2O. Swim in it, splash in it, and don’t forget to drink it!  

Did you know that if our bodies aren’t well hydrated, it makes it harder for our bodies to burn fat? Who wants that? Whether you are enjoying poolside cocktails or mocktails, we recommend a water bottle as the ultimate summer accessory!

With reusable water bottles so sleek and able to keep your water chilled no matter how hot it is outside, you will notice drinking water isn’t a chore after all. Don’t overhydrate (Yes. That is a thing) but rather sip your water throughout the day. Drinking just the right amount of water throughout the day may take some practice, but summer is a wonderful time to embrace a new healthy habit, especially poolside.

Want to get a jump on hydrating your system as well as refueling it with vital nutrients? Visit Urban Medicine for IV therapy drips that are perfect both pre and post vacation.

Tip #3: Get a beach read or two, even if you aren’t at the beach.

Most of us are on our electronic devices a lot and do most of our work on a computer. Take a summer break from the blue screens! Find a book that you want to read just because you want to read it, not for school, work, just pure enjoyment. Kick back and let your gray and white matter revel in the printed word. Discover summer reading isn’t just for the kids. Enjoy genuinely laughing out loud, and don’t be surprised if you feel less stressed, and you sleep better at night.

Tip #4: Give your cross training a summer spin! Not cross training? The summer is the perfect time to start.

Exercising is not only good for the body but also mind and spirit. Are you in an exercise rut? Try something new. Maybe you have access to an outdoor pool on vacation or swimmable lake. Perhaps you are at a beach where you can bodysurf, no equipment necessary. Don’t count your laps or the minutes unless you want to, and instead apply the waterproof sunblock and swim until you are tired and ready for a break.

Are you vacationing with children? Just try to keep up with them. Play frisbee, wiffle ball, chase or tag. Notice how kids are always running in short burst sprints and then resting. There’s your summer interval training while on vacation. Enjoy strolling and walking everywhere. If too hot, again water is your friend. Who says you can’t live in the pool or lake or ocean?!

If you are at altitude, always figure that into how you are feeling. That means just walking around you are getting more of a workout than at sea level. You don’t have to hang out in the hotel gym room for your workout; get outside (Hello vitamin D!) for a summer game of tennis, golf, disc frisbee, to name a few favorites. Hiking, kayaking, strolling, and biking can all be enjoyed during your summer. Don’t focus on the speed of your activity, instead focus on the enjoyment of being active and having fun!

Tip #5: Your summer clothes might be skimpy, but don’t skimp on the ZZZs. Instead, indulge in sleep!

The summer can be full of indulgences. One healthy thing to indulge in: sleep. At the rate that Americans are not sleeping well or enough, we can’t seem to get too much sleep. Don’t feel bad, if on your vacation, you find yourself napping frequently. Naps are the secret or not-so-secret recovery method of elite athletes like Desi, winner of the 2018 Boston Marathon.

We have all had vacations where we return feeling less than rested but with these five easy to do self-care tips, summer can be the break we all need.

Happy active and relaxing summer!

All the best,

The Got Vitamin B12 Team


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